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  • Deluxe Lockout Kit
Deluxe Lockout Kit

Lockout Kit: STOPOUT® Deluxe Lockout Kit


Deluxe kit features many items not included in other kits and is easily transportable.

  • Features a training booklet to instruct workers on how to properly use each item in the kit
  • Comes with 6 padlocks, 3 with a 3/4


$391.96 / Each
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Lockout Kits All your lockout needs are contained in a kit, making it convenient, easily accessible and portable. Kits contain a variety of lockout devices and accessories for shutting down equipment and machinery before conducting maintenance or repairs. Choose from several kits - small to large - to help you solve your lockout situations and provide the necessary equipment to help you comply with OSHA safety lockout requirements. Durable, rugged polyethylene boxes have carry handle and room for you to add more components to customize your kits. More

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