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  • FIRE ALARM <BR><I>Bilingual - Spanish</I>
FIRE ALARM <BR><I>Bilingual - Spanish</I>

Bilingual Projection™ Safety Sign: Fire Alarm (Graphic And Down Arrow)


Use two languages and a graphic to make sure any viewer can find the fire alarm.

  • Bilingual signs help protect all your workers
  • Down arrow shows the location of the alarm
  • Red background is highly visible
  • Hang signs along hallways, stairways, corridors, and doorways
  • .100-in thick high-impact plastic with images on two panels protected by an over-laminate
  • Projection styles allow for greater visibility from more angles
  • 3D Signs project at 45 degree angle providing viewing from the front and sides
  • Flanged edges have pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Wall mount with screws or self-adhesive foam tape (both included)
  • 90D signs project from the wall at 90 degrees and can be viewed from either side

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12" x 9" Panel

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Projection™ Signs When you need identification, location, and direction, signs can be seen from various angles for extra visibility. Hang signs along hallways, stairways, corridors, and doorways. Projection™ Signs are .10" thick high-impact plastic with images on the two panels that are protected by an over-laminate. Flanged edges have pre-drilled mounting holes. Wall mount with screws or self-adhesive foam tape (both included). Available in two styles: • 3D signs, projecting 45° from the wall, provide optimum viewing from the front and sides. • 90D signs, projecting 90° from the wall, are viewed from either side More

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