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Gas Cylinder Lockout Cap

Gas Cylinder Lockout Cap


This cylinder cap was designed to fit universally on all high and low pressure gas systems

  • Snap down side arm and secure device with padlock (included)
  • Yellow powder-coated, welded steel construction


$159.22 / Each
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Gas Cylinder Lockout Cap
Designed to fit most North American high and low pressure gas cylinders.

The Snap Cap™ Lockout completely covers the main cylinder control and regulator attachment - rendering the cylinder, its contents, and regulator useless. Snap down the side arm and secure the device with a padlock (included). Access is only available by release of the padlock.
Snap Cap™ Lockout meets DOT standards as a safety device. Made of welded-steel construction and powder coated to withstand the tough and abusive handling conditions that can be subjected to cylinders. More

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