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Cylinder Status Safety Tag: Cylinder Empty, In Use, Full


Identify the status of the specified cylinder weather it is empty, in use, or full.

  • Prevent safety incidents related to mislabeling of cylinders
  • Tag cylinders to specify its corosponding status
  • Danger header indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury

Selected Material Details

  • Pulp-free – no wood pulp or paper content – will not rip or break down in moisture
  • Pliable, 10-mil polyolefin-based material, with 3/8" hole
  • Ideal for indoor use and short-term outdoor exposure
  • Scuff-resistant, matte surface is easy to write on
  • Can be printed on both sides, perforated, sequentially numbered, and barcoded


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Safety Tags from Accuform Signs are offered in a variety of materials, finishing options, shapes and quantities. Tags By-The-Roll provides an innovative, convenient and economical solution to easily keep a large quantity of tags organized and available. Front and Back are the same. Ties available separately.

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