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  • Standard Gate Vale Lockout
Standard Gate Vale Lockout
Image above shown with product KDD401RD. Available in other colors.

Gate Valve Lockouts


Available in five sizes these valve covers ensure no one will be able to operate them

  • Made of durable, polypropylene plastic
  • Encloses and completely surrounds valve handles


$22.19 / Each
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Prevent gate valve handles from being turned and get assurance that it will stay in the desired ‘closed’ or ‘open’ position.
Gate Valve Lockouts are hinge-designed to enclose and completely surround the valve handles. Place the two-halves over the valve handle, hinge close, and secure with padlock (sold separately - shackle diameter up to 9/32”*). Available in five sizes to fit handles from 1” to 13” diameter.
Made of durable polypropylene plastic that resists solvents, cracking, abrasion, and extreme temperature range (-50° to 360°F).
*1/4" shackle for size 1"-2 1/2" More

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