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  • Custom SiteTags® - PF-Cardstock
Custom SiteTags® - PF-Cardstock

Custom SiteTags® : PF-Cardstock


Fully customized SiteTags® showcase company messages, colors, and slogans.

  • Gives your tag extra emphasis and notice
  • Thin, flexible, 10-mil polyolefin-based with 3/8 inch plain hole

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Custom SiteTags® Fully customized SiteTags® showcase company messages, colors and slogans. Give your tag extra emphasis and get noticed. Design a tag providing immediate identification of workers using full-color photo images. Add ‘head-shot’ photo and preprinted personal information, eliminating the need to ‘cut and paste’ and hand-fill individual tags. Even add company logos, messages, and colors. Contact us for spreadsheet template and photo requirements. A minimum of 10 tags must be ordered. Tags must be ordered in multiples of five (5) identical tags, containing exactly the same worker photo, name and department information. Example: an order of 15 tags can have three (3) different workers maximum - five of each. More

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