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Digi-Day® 3 Electronic Scoreboards Reference  

The Digi-Day® family is made up of scoreboards designed for placement in every type of environment including interior, exterior, front entrance, production floor, etc. -- wherever you need awareness and motivation to keep employees working safely. There's even a desktop version for tracking days in your office.

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard
Step 1 - Verify the Count-Up Function

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard
Step 2 - Set the Number of Count Days

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard
Step 3 - Set Count Day to Change and Be Green  

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard
Step 4 - Set the Time of Day

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard
Step 5 - Set Time for Count Days to Change  

Digi-Day® 2 Electronic Scoreboard 
Step 6 - Setting the Actual Date  

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Digi-Day® 2 is the next generation Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboard - featuring the industry's first and only Green LED counter display

A changeable scoreboard message attracts renewed attention to the importance of safety.

 A cordless, changeable scoreboard to sit on the front desk or mount on the office wall.