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What is ANSI?

Learn about the history of ANSI and why you need ANSI Z535 / ANSI ISO Signs and Labels in your workplace.
OSHA's Final Rule - Respirable Crystalline Silica

If you work in the construction industry, comply with OSHA's new requirements to protect workers from silica dust by June 23, 2017.
Promote Safety with Mesh Banners and Fence-Wrap™

Five ways Mesh Banners and Fence-Wrap™ Mesh Banners will enhance the appearance of your construction site, parking lots, and more.
Road Signs and Meanings: What Do Signs Mean?

All the rules of the road have specific colors, shapes, and symbols. Learn what they mean here.
Safety Slogans - 5 Reasons Why You Need Them

Slogans are more than just simple, catchy phrases - they encourage a culture of safety. Learn why you need them in the workplace and examples of popular safety slogans in the industry.
Safety LOTO Devices - What are the Requirements?

OSHA has created specific requirements for safety lockout / tagout devices - learn what they are here.
How to Get the Attention of Your Workers

Don't let distractions hinder safety in your workplace. Break through the clutter and capture the attention of your workers.
Holiday Safety Tips

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

As you deck the halls this holiday season, read these Holiday Safety Tips and learn how to stay safe and healthy this season.
Digi-Day Family

Scoreboards an eye-catching, interactive way to count up automatically each day to keep track of your company’s accident-free workdays and motivate employees to work safely.
Labor Law

The Fair Labor Standards Act and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act has been modified as of August 1, 2016. Are your labor law posters up to date?
Back To School

Make sure kids are safe when heading to and returning from school. Here are some tips to help keep everyone safe.
Personal Digi-Day®

Wear your safety record like a badge! Personal Digi-Day® Scoreboards will let everyone know how long you've been working safely.
Heat Stress

Be aware of the dangers of heat stress in the workplace. And learn how to keep safe, cool, and hydrated in the dangerous periods of extreme heat.
Pokemon Go Safety Tips and Signs

Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon with gamers this summer, but this augmented reality app has already been associated with a series of injuries.
Quality Products Deserve Quality Videos

Receive a better understanding of Accuform's products and contribution through HD video.
STOPOUT Products

OSHA believes that failing to control energy adequately accounts for nearly ten percent of the serious accidents in many industries.
First State to Enact Gender-Neutral Restroom Signs

California Assembly Bill 1732

Make sure you comply with the new signage requirements for single-user restrooms by March 1st!
What Is OSHA?

Learn about the history of OSHA, their mission, and how OSHA affects you.
Texas Open Carry

Texas Penal Code §30.06 allows a residential or commercial landowner to post signage that preemptively bars licensed persons from entering the premises while carrying concealed. It is a Class A misde...
Cold Weather

Cold weather season envelopes much of the country for up to six months each year, but cold conditions can also apply to indoor environments. It’s important to warn and remind of the potential hazard...
STOPOUT Branded Padlocks

Accuform's own STOPOUT® Padlocks are designed for any situation and constructed to withstand nearly any environment. Color-coded and with many keying options, you can protect from unauthorized access...
Operation Upgrade: Phase 1

For the 2015-16 school year, Accuform and its employees are giving back to their community in the style of an extreme school make-over by adopting East Side Elementary. Armed with supplies and provide...
Personalized Name Plates

Personalized Name Plates allow you to create unique identification signage for all of your employees. Replace traditional office placards with a vibrant alternative that highlights the personality of ...

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