Sign and Tag Materials


Choosing the right custom sign material is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.


What you need . . .

The right material for the right job.

Our Material Informational Pages are known for delivering the best information on the materials AccuformNMC uses to create the best signs for any condition, any circumstance. Whether a nuclear reactor, or a frigid cold environment, pick the right material for the right job.

Visit each and every page to learn more about your favorite AccuformNMC products. Look for the logos on each material page for guarantee, UV protection, Quick Ship, and Shape information.

Guaranteed Shields


Peace of mind, guaranteed for years

AccuformNMC proudly stands by its products. Nearly all our materials come with at least a 5 year guarantee. The tougher the sign, the stronger the guarantee.

Sign Muscle Logo

UV Protection

Our NEW & Improved Sign Muscle® formulation is powerful enough to survive in most environments... and it’s patented*.

Pioneered more than a decade ago, our scientifically strong liquid laminate protects your identification product from virtually any hazard. Durable, strong and resilient, Sign Muscle® delivers protection – guaranteed.  Look for this symbol to quickly reference its resistance.

Available- In- Any- Shape

Any Shape

Need something unique? Try a sign with an attention-getting shape.

Many of our materials are available in any shape. Have an idea for a specific size and shape? We can make that happen!  Our unique production process can shape that message to suit your needs. Create a custom sign in an unusual, fun, or symbolic shape to add meaning or just gain additional attention.