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Gro Tec PPE-ID™ Chart

Gro Tec PPE-IDTM Chart

Show Them What You’ve Told Them! Bring attention to and remind employees, contractors, and visitors about the requirements to wear protective equipment..

  • Reinforce training by showing full-color images of required PPE
  • Help non-English speaking workers quickly recognize required PPE
  • Reinforce already posted warning messages
  • Strengthen awareness of specified PPE
  • Visually identify specific PPE products required in your facility
  • Show full-color, photographic images to eliminate any confusion
  • Include specific product names and part numbers for easy reference

How To Order Your PPE-IDTM Chart:
1. Compile List Of Personal Protective Equipment - include manufacturer’s names, part numbers and descriptions
2. Contact Us - We’ll send you a spreadsheet to fill in your information.
3. Send Us Your Information - We will work with you to obtain the product images. Once we have the manufacturer name and part number, together we will work to secure usage rights needed for your Custom PPE-IDTM Chart.

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