Pipe Markers

Mark contents and flow direction in pipes and piping systems.

Pipe- Markers2
Visual Cues, Vital Information

The Proper Marking of Contents and Flow Direction in Pipes and Piping Systems

A long list of chemicals and standard marking applications are offered in the stock selection. Pipe markers are available in size ranges and three main choices of pipe marking
materials meet the needs of varied applications in industry.
The visible colors and bold lettering on the pipe makers are designed to meet or exceed ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 recommendations for size, color and visibility. Identify the
contents in piping system throughout your facility with a comprehensive and standardized marking program.

Pipe Markers

Marking and identification of pipe contents and piping systems is important to safety and maintenance in industry, and pipe markers are crucial for first responders for determining flow direction, 


Marking and identification of pipe contents and piping systems is important to safety and maintenance in industry. Cling-Tite pipe markers visibly identify what's flowing inside - gas, liquid, or solid particles, the flow, direction, and degree of hazard in a piping system.

Snap Tite™

It's a 'SNAP' to mark a pipe with its contents and flow direction! Snap Tite is a pre-coiled pipe marker that installs quickly and easily. Simply uncurl it over the pipe, release it, and it 'SNAPs' into place.

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IIAR Cling-Tite

IIIAR pipe markers contain the ammonia name and identify the chemical’s system, physical state, pressure level, and directional flow. Meets Bulletin No. 114 requirements.




Roll Form Markers

Unroll, measure, and cut to length on-site for proper fit. Wrapping around to itself, the  vinyl marker stays on dirty, greasy, and rusty pipes with its high-tack, adhesive back.




Arrow Tape

Directional Flow Arrow Tapes Provide 360° visibility and identify flow direction with printed arrow tapes. Arrows are repeated the entire length of the tape.




Roll Tape

Use pipe markers in continuous lengths, or tear at perforations. With 72 identical legends per roll, these markers are economical for marking pipes in lots of places.




Medical Gas

Identify the gas contents of medical gas piping systems. Mark pipes containing medical gases as specified by the NFPA with color requirements from the CGA.





1/4" wide black nylon plastic is self locking with choice of non-releasable and semi-releasable clips for later removal. Easily pull tight by hand or with the tool.