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Warning - High Roller

Personalized and custom signs can use a variety of styles - and as seen here - even OSHA headers. us injury.

The WARNING header indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.

Traditional OSHA-Style signs and labels are the most widely recognized design format in industry. They are widely recognized because this style of warning sign has been in use for decades. OSHA-Style signs use ALL CAPS, and the message is generally centered underneath the header. This standardized sign format continues today to be the choice for selecting messages in safety signs.

Newer ANSI-Style signs and labels are gaining in popularity. While not the OSHA standard, they are recognized by OSHA as an acceptable warning device. These sign formats and layouts are designed in conformance with ANSI’s Z535 standard. The noticeable differences often include a visual alert symbol (triangle with an exclamation point!), a large symbol in the center of the sign, and finally, upper and lower case lettering for the message section, which is left-justified. ANSI feels these sign formats are easier and quicker to read and comprehend; studies support improved comprehension.

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Demetrius Says....

Have your employees come up with a safety message and post it with their picture! We can help make their message a reality.



Bee Allergy 

This Bee Allergy label was made for a worker's hard hat, letting fellow employees know that he/she is allergic to bee stings.



A Sign of the Times

Chesapeake uses a 48" x 60" reflective aluminum sign, posting company policy to those entering their facility.



Are You Safety Minded?

Custom Banners use  colorful, eye-catching words with bold images and graphics to help them keep the right frame of mind.