Floor Marking Solutions

All warehouse environments have three things in common - constant foot traffic, machinery traffic, and the need to be well organized in order to function efficiently. In a busy warehouse, it's critical for you to have clear, visual markings for pathways and aisles, as they're important for employee safety and productivity.

Floor marking tapes promote safety by identifying potential hazardous areas and are used to mark aisles, pathways, and traffic lines. Slip-Gard® Floor Signs are non-slip message tapes and are a great way to inform those around the walkway about anything from fall protection to electrical safety and in between. Skid-Gard™ Floor Tape has a pebble-textured surface for added durability and is perfect for indoor/outdoor, slip-resistant applications, such as steps, loading docks, and heavy pedestrian traffic areas. Fold-Ups® are a free standing option that identifies temporary hazards in the workplace.

Where safety is important, consider using floor marking to visually communicate your message.