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Tag 'n Hang Hasps

Effectively inform others who authorized a lockout and when the anticipated completion date is with Tag 'n Hang Hasps. The unique Tag 'n Hang Hasps design provides an easy way to change out tags and ensure that it's secured in a locked position. The bold octagon shape of the Tag 'n Hang Hasps emphasizes the lockout status with a durable, 15-mil RP Plastic tag.

Alert others not to operate machinery or equipment with a Danger Do Not Operate Tag 'n Hang Hasps. Select a customized STOPOUT® Tab SITETAG® to include an image of your employee, name, and department printed directly on the Tag 'n Hang Hasps. Keep workers locked out of energized sources and place up to three padlocks (sold separately) on your Tag 'n Hang Hasps