Shadow Pegboards

Shadow Pegboards

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Store-Boards™ Shadow Boards offer the ultimate in customization to meet your specific 5S tool and equipment storage needs.

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Product Description

Shadow Pegboards

Shadow Your Tool Board

Create your own tool storage shadow boards to visually communicate where your tools belong.

It’s the do-it-yourself approach to create your own shadow board for 5S processes, lean initiatives, and general organization.

• Collect all tools and equipment to be on the board

• Layout the tool storage board, designate specific spaces for each piece of equipment

• Apply vinyl die-cut, color silhouette tool shapes

Full-size shadows on the board show your workers the tool placement – easy to identify by shape, size, and color. This can increase the efficiency of put-away and retrieval of the tools in the work area, therefore increasing overall production. Tools and shadows are color-coded to add identity, and precise-shaped shadows give a professional look.

Choose from the below options to build your own shadow pegboard. All items sold separately.

Pegboards - available in four materials.

Hanging Hardware - Galvanized steel hardware to attach to pegboard

Vinyl Shadows - • BrushesBroomsSqueegeesHandlesShovelsScrapersMixing Paddle ScrapersMiscellaneous

Tools - • BrushesBroomsSqueegeesHandlesShovelsScrapersMixing Paddle ScrapersMiscellaneous

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