POSTER PAD™ Safety Posters

POSTER PAD™ Safety Posters
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12" x 18"
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Update your message monthly with 12 full-color posters to reinforce key safety concepts.

  • Topics include: Safety Guidelines, Forklift Safety, Spill Response, Housekeeping & Hygiene, Fire Prevention, Lockout/Tagout, Heat Stress, PPE
  • Each poster has a decorative border to match each month of the year


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Poster Pad™

Keep the safety message fresh each month.

Communicate safety in a positive way! Attention-getting posters are designed for your employees to see and read that working safely is a top priority.  It only takes about 5 minutes to replace a poser per month.  Remind workers of the safety habit with changeable, thematic full-color poster to reinforce key safety concepts.

Topics include:

- Safety Guidelines and Behavior

- Forklift Safety

- Spill Response

- Good housekeeping & Hygiene

- Fire Extinguisher & Fire Prevention

- Lockout/Tagout

- Heat Stress

- Protective Glove

- Eye Protection

Encourage your employees to pay attention to safety with a new message each month.

Pad includes twelve 12” x18” posters in a pad – printed on durable PF-Cardstock (all poly, waterproof) material.

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