TRAINING - Confined Spaces

TRAINING - Confined Spaces
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Provide employees training on the important safety measures for confined space.

  • English & Spanish available all in one program

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Product Description
Confined Space Safety Training Program

Provide employees training, risk understanding, and learning of important safety measures for confined space environments.

The program helps you comply with OSHA's confined space training requirements. It provides an important training foundation for anyone with the potential to encounter a permit space. The program explains:

  • Entry procedures and permits

  • Participating personnel responsibilities

  • Need for personal protective equipment

  • Use of environmental monitoring equipment

  • To recognize potential hazards and use control, safe-work practices

  • Designate proper areas identified with signs and labels.

Program Components

  • (1) 27-minute video – Provides an overview of the confined spaces standard; hazards inherent to confined spaces in general industry workplaces; precautions that must be taken before a confined space is entered; how to recognize the signs, symptoms, and characteristic effects of exposure; roles and responsibilities of the entry team; and proper rescue procedures and the role of rescue team.

  • (1) Trainer Guide (English only) – Helps trainers prepare for and deliver effective training sessions and provides an overview of the confined spaces standard.

  • (11) Employee Handbooks (10 English; 1 Spanish) – This reference reinforces training. It follows the information in the DVD video and provides employees with an easy-to-use, post-training resource.

  • (20) Wallet Cards (10 English; 10 Spanish) – Provides quick, simple proof that training has been completed. Includes two wallet card sheets, perforated to provide 10 cards each.

  • (2) Awareness Posters (1 English; 1 Spanish) – A full-color, photo-based reminder of the key issues of confined spaces. Helps train employees on the warning signs used to mark confined spaces and what they mean.

  • (2) Trainer Guides (1 English; 1 Spanish) –  16 pages.

  • (2) Posters (1 English; 1 Spanish) –  17" x 22", non-laminated, folded

  • (1) Tag Pack – Set of topic-specific tags, magnets, stickers, floor signs and window clings for use in your workplace. Includes:

    • (10) Stickers – Confined Spaces Serious Safety Hazards Reminder, 3" X 4"

    • (10) Magnets – Confined Spaces Atmosphere Testing Needed Reminder, 3" X 4"

    • (10) Tags – Confined Spaces Entry Permit Needed Reminder, 3" X 4"

    • (5) Stickers – Confined Spaces Entry Team/Rescue Reminder, 8" X 9"

    • (5) Window Clings – Confined Spaces Serious Safety Hazards Reminder, 4" X 5"

    • (5) Floor Labels – Confined Spaces Entry Team/Rescue Reminder, 8" X 9"

    • (10) Miniature Zip Ties, 8"

  • (1) Trainer Tools CD – Includes a host of materials that trainers can use to enhance and add variety to training: PowerPoint® presentation; additional quiz questions (and an answer key); photo-based images and posters; learning activities; examples of pertinent forms; a training certificate; sample confined spaces written plan; and a training log to help track attendance.

  • (1) Permit-Required Confined Space Sign – Danger Permit Required Confined Space Do Not Enter sign meets the requirements of 29 CFR Section 1910.146(c). Sign is intended to inform employees of the existence, location and danger posed by permit-required confined spaces.

  • (1) Confined Space Entry Permit "Example" – Used as a starting point to develop company-specific entry permits. Includes the 15 elements listed in 29 CFR Part 1910.146(f).

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