OSHA Danger Man-Way Cross™ Barrier: Confined Space - Do Not Enter

OSHA Danger Man-Way Cross™ Barrier: Confined Space - Do Not Enter
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Red striped crossbucks are built to keep unauthorized personnel out of a confined space.

  • Prevent entry into a confined space
  • Adjustable slats allow for various sized confined spaces
  • Traditional OSHA-style signs, tags and labels are the most widely recognized design format in the industry
  • Danger header indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury

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To verify proper fit of the Man-Way Cross™ Barrier for your entryway, measure the length across the entryway from bolt to bolt; then measure the bolt diameter and compare to slot width.

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Product Description
Man-Way Cross™ Barrier

Cross out open entryway to a Confined Space.

The crossbuck design fits onto the bolt pattern of a vertical confined space entrance.  The attention-getting diagonal red-white stripes and center octagonal sign features the color, layout, and confined space warning message as specified by OSHA/ANSI.  Adjustable crossbucks pivot flat for easy transport and storage.  The 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" octagon sign is printed on plastic.  Each arm of the printed crossbucks measure 6" x 42" with 1 1/2" x 9" slotted cutouts at the four ends to fit the bolt pattern across the entry-way - fits 22" to 38" outside bolt-to-bolt.

Crossbucks available in:

Polycarbonate Plastic

  • .060" thick

  • Withstands inital impacts and scratches

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Selected Material Details
  • Plastic with protected surface coating (see details above)
  • Impact resistant with slight flexibility
  • Service temperature range: -90°F to 168°
  • Lightweight indoor/outdoor use
  • Rounded corners and 3/16" mounting holes on most sizes, will be adjusted for larger sizes
  • Recycle code 6
  • More Information