Train Employees to Scan and See Visual Hazards

Train your employees to scan and see visual hazard

Iron and steel workers, roofers, construction workers, electric power line installers and repairers, farmers, fishermen, and loggers work outside, often in awkward positions, at heights, in unstable and fast-changing environments (such as weather patterns). They must maintain situational awareness and the ability to visually scan their work area.

More routine jobs still require attention control, visual scanning, concentration, and the ability to see potentially dangerous poor housekeeping that can cause slips, trips and falls; potential at-risk behaviors of co-workers; faulty, malfunctioning equipment; other maintenance problems; electrical hazards; incipient fires; spills; sudden, unexpected moves of lift trucks and ladders; lighting failures; storage and scaffolding collapses; dangerous changes in chemical process temperatures and pressures; and jammed or stuck conveyors and assembly lines.

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