STOPOUT® Push Button Cover

STOPOUT® Push Button Cover

This material is protected by:

Prevent accidental startups by locking out push/pull operation buttons

  • Semi-removable design allows for easy storage
  • Clear top allows user to see push button

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Product Description

Prevent accidental activation of push button

The two part Push Button Cover device contains one semi-permanent aluminum metal ring which is placed underneath the threaded ring nut and a clear polycarbonate top that has a lip on the bottom, making it easy to slip under the rim of the metal ring for a secure fit. The clear polycarbonate top can easily be removed and stored for later use. The Push Button Lockout is useful for locking out access with a padlock, or installing without a padlock to prevent accidental activation of a button while still providing easy access. Another option is that the Push Button Lockout can be secured using a plastic seal for restrictive access that discourages tampering yet anyone can cut to access when needed. The octagonal shape helps convey the lockout status visually. The Push Button Lockouts Industrial polycarbonate clamshell, steel hinge pin and aluminum base helps it withstand rigorous facility use. This allows the Push Button Lockout to survive impacts that "unhinge" other devices.

  • Semi-removable design allows for easy storage!
  • Clear top allows user to see push button
  • Tough polycarbonate and aluminum makes it tamper, impact resistant and extremely durable!
  • Octagon-shaped cover and aluminum metal ring reinforces lockout status
  • Removable design allows for easy storage
  • Available for 22.5 and 30mm buttons
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