STOPOUT ® Cinch Cable Lockout

STOPOUT ® Cinch Cable Lockout

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Universally spooled cable capable of locking out multiple devices at one time

  • Easily lockout multiple devices quickly, effectively, and neatly
  • Unique hexagonal shape of of the device conveys STOP

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Product Description

STOPOUT® Cinch Lockout

Universal spooling cable lockout can lockout multiple devices at once.

Lockout contains internal cable spooling feature to quickly, simply and neatly extend and loop the 6-ft. nylon-coated, steel cable through several devices to lock them out. Then insert the cable end back into cinch lock device for it to “cinch” tight and unmovable. When the cable is pulled tight, it automatically holds.

Durable plastic cinching lockout device measures 3 1/3" x 4" x 1" and is the only standard size lockout device that will spool the cable all the way inside the device for easy storage. No more messing with loose cables that have to be secured or get tangled. Leaving no room for confusion, the red hole cable feeder has a funnel shape for quick and obvious placement of the cable.

• Unique, compact internal spooling feature

• No fussing with loose, long cable cords

• Simple, intuitive design features

• Lockout multiple devices, quickly, neatly and easily

• Six foot cable “cinches” securely in place

* Available 15-ft. cable can be used for additional length requirements (sold separately)

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