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Lockout with the STOPOUT® Cinch Lockout hasp is so easy, it's a cinch.
Change out, insert, and secure a tag in the Tag 'n Hang Hasp.

STOPOUT® Lockout/Tagout products from AccuformNMC help protect your workforce.

KDL660-marquee image of red anodized padlock
STOPOUT® Anodized Aluminum Padlocks

These bright color-coded anodized aluminum padlocks are non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant. And can be used indoors or outdoors.

KDL905 marquee image of laminated padlock
STOPOUT® Laminated Steel Padlocks

With hardened steel shackles, and a laminated steel construction, this padlock can endure some of the harshest environments around.

STOPOUT® Ball Valve Lockout detailed view of 2 different sizes
STOPOUT® Ball Valve Lockout

Durable thermoplastic, lockout device resists solvents, cracking, abrasion and extreme temperatures. Includes red “Danger Locked Out” label.

STOPOUT®; 120/240 Circuit Breaker Lockout
STOPOUT® Circuit Breaker Lockout

Pump action of handle quickly secures lockouts to breaker switch.This unique design allows for fastest lockout application time and quick and easy removal as well.

lock n stop, group lock box
STOPOUT® Look 'n Stop Lock Box

Four rows of aluminum strips contain 16 hooks to hang keys – identifiable through the clear front cover. Once closed, holes and slots along the edges of box and cover align.

O S H A Danger Steering Wheel Message Cover
OSHA Danger Steering Wheel Message Cover

Prevent someone from driving a vehicle that is disabled or being worked on. The reinforced Steering Wheel Message cover has a screen-printed warning legend and message, and fits over standard steering wheels to be seen.

Kdl816 marquee image of red plastic padlock
STOPOUT® Plastic Body Padlocks

Dielectric plastic body padlocks features a solid aluminum core construction are lightweight, yet sturdy.  And can be used for a variety of applications

Kdl701 marquee image of wrapped steel shackle plastic padlock
STOPOUT® Poly-Wrap Steel Shackle Padlocks

Plastic body padlocks with a Poly-Wrap steel shackle to lessen the risk of sparking, conductivity and magnetism in explosive environments.


Thick-wall, tamper-resistant, hinge-style design encloses the plug and lines up lockhole tabs; to lockout - secure with padlock and lockout tag to render the plug unusable.

Bilingual Ladder Shield
Bilingual Ladder Shield™ Kit OSHA Danger

Attach to fixed ladders on buildings or semi-permanent ladders at job sites to discourage unauthorized climbing. The one-of-a-kind Ladder Shield is made of durable, rust-proof .063" aluminum, and fits most ladders.

STOPOUT Gate Valve handle Lockout various sizes exploded view
STOPOUT® Gate Valve Lockouts

The tough plastic is a bright hazard red color and features three shackle holes for securing with padlocks (sold separately) in a group lockout setting.

Lockout Tagout , Legend: STOPOUT ® Slide 'n Lock ™
STOPOUT® Slide 'n LockTM

Lock out up to three individual circuit breakers including a variety of flip-lever switches. Perfect for large handle circuit breakers. Constructed of dielectric ABS plastic.

STOPOUT ® Twist 'n Lock Cinch Lockout Hasp
STOPOUT® Twist 'n Lock Cinch Hasp

Run the cable through various devices; then, with a quick twist of the hasp, cinch the cable to prevent unauthorized access. Easy-to-use cable and cinch lockout hasp solution.

Glad Hand Locks, Glad Hand Lockouts Closed
STOPOUT® Glad Hand Lockout

Clamp down to stop and prevent unplanned movement of trailers from the dock and storage areas. Deter drive-offs of trailers by blocking access to the emergency brake airline.

STOPOUT® Deluxe Plus Lockout Kit
STOPOUT® Deluxe Plus Lockout Kit

Large lockout/stopout kit equipped with enough lockout devices to conquer just about any situation, making sure you can get the job done right the first time.

Lockout Tags By-The-Roll

Tags By-The-Roll are available in quantities of 100 and 250 tags, housed inside an eye-catching, octogan-shaped, cardboard dispenser roll.

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