Create an Organized Workplace with Customized 5S Products


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Need inspiration to help your customer get the custom 5S product they need? Well, you're at the right place. 

Have you received a request from customers for 5S products? Are you familiar with 5S, or does that question leave you scratching your head? 5S is a methodology used by many workplaces to improve organization and safety, and AccuformNMC manufactures stock and custom 5S products. By getting a better understanding of 5S and how these products can help, you can better serve your customers and help them create a more organized workspace. 

What is 5S? 

The 5S methodology centers around the five Japanese words Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine/clean), Seiketsu (standardize), and Shitsuke (sustain/discipline). Essentially it states how to organize and clean a workplace for maximum efficiency and zero waste or injuries. The 5S methodology is very reliant on visuals, which is why 5S safety products can go a long way in helping your customers create the environment they want. 

Though AccuformNMC offers a variety of 5S products, here are a few that are especially effective. 

5S Store-Boards™ 

AccuformNMC's 5S Store-boards contains the outlines and names of various tools that belong in a particular area. They can be hung on a wall, on the side of a cart, or in a glass case to ensure the tools remain in designated areas—so employees will never be missing the tools they need to get the job done. They can also establish which cleaning supplies should be used in each area of the space to avoid cross-contamination, especially in food and beverage facilities. 

5S Store-Drawers™   

Much like Store-boards, Store-Drawers keep tools organized, protected, and accounted for, but these organizational boards fit inside a tool drawer or cabinet. Your customers can even put tools in custom shape cutouts to ensure they stay in place when not in use. 

Customize 5S products for maximum efficiency 

With AccuformNMC's Personalize It! design services, you can customize 5S products to your customer's exact specifications. When it comes to what can be customized, the short answer is just about anything. However, here are 5 ways you can encourage your customers to customize their 5S Store-Boards or DIY their Store-Drawers for a more organized and efficient workplace.  

  1. Color: If your customer has a color-coded system to ensure certain tools remain in certain areas (or with specific teams) or if they're trying to avoid cross-contamination, we can create products in any color they need.
  2. Tool customization: For both store-boards and store-drawers, we can customize the cutouts to fit whatever tools your customer wants to include.
  3. Size: If the 5S product needs to fit in a cabinet, case, or drawer, we can create boards and drawers that meet your customer's requirements. Or if they're looking for an extra-large, eye-catching design that employees will see across the floor, we can accommodate that too.
  4. Logos and branding: By adding logos to safety signage or printing safety communication in brand colors, leadership shows employees genuinely caring about their safety. Encourage customers to add their logo, safety slogan, or company tagline to their custom store-boards to maximize effectiveness.
  5. Text: Any text on our custom store-boards and drawers can be customized, so if your customers want to add a catchy headline, instructions, or employee names to their products to clarify safety protocols, they have the option to do that.

No matter your customers' needs - AccuformNMC can handle it with our Personalize It! customization. There are no minimum quantities, no setup fees, and unlimited design options. 

Learn more about our 5S workplace organization products and contact to create a Personalize It! product.