Custom Aluminum ID Tags- Mark Various Applications

Custom Aluminum ID Tags- Mark Various Applications
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Durable pipe markers in a variety of materials to accommodate various applications.

  • Individually mark applications with custom aluminum tags
  • Keep personnel safe with tagged applications

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Product Description
<BR>We can custom stamp your information into aluminum tags in various shapes and sizes. Tags can contain your letters, numbers, and combinations thereof.

Material, Shape, and Size

Your custom metal tag is stamped with information designed to last a long time. Consider where your tag is going to be installed and for how long. Metal tags can endure a wide range of temperatures and withstand tough environmental conditions.

Shape and size of the metal tag provide the means and reference for easy and quick identification. We list some of the more common shapes and sizes. All are available with a 3/16" hole.

Note: Other shapes and sizes are readily available. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Lettering and Numbering

Determine your needs for specific lettering and/or numbering. Tags can contain a word, words, or a coding system. Information is stamped on a single line or multiple lines and can be all the same, unique, or in sequence. Sequential numbering provides unique and consecutive identification. For best contrast and visibility, stamped information is black-filled with ink which will be used on the tags (unless otherwise specified).


There is no set up cost and your custom order can start with a low quantity of 25 tags... just tell us how many you need.

Note: Quantity pricing is based upon tags being:

• The same material, shape, and size.

• Stamped with information up to 3 lines that is either identical information, sequential numbering, or sequential numbering with identical heading.

For other requirements different from above, please contact us for a quotation.

<i>Aluminum Colors:</i>

Background: Natural Aluminum / Lettering: Stamped, with black ink fill (unless specified)
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