Beryllium Hazard Signs

Although beryllium is widely used in many industries, it's highly toxic and workers must be informed and protected from the harm it causes. Per OSHA, the beryllium enforcement date for the general industry is December 12, 2018. But don't wait to get compliant. Responsible employers have been protecting workers from harmful exposure to beryllium for years with effective signs, labels, and more.

Per OSHA 29 CFR1910.1024(e)(2), "The employer must identify each beryllium work area through signs or any other methods that adequately establish and inform each employee of the boundaries of each beryllium work area...The employer must limit access to regulated areas to - persons the employer authorizes or requires to be in a regulated area to perform work duties; persons entering a regulated area as designated representatives of employees for the purpose of exercising the right to observe exposure monitoring procedures under paragraph (d)(7) of this standard; and persons authorized by law to be in a regulated area.

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