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Breakaway Lanyards

When employees are required to wear identification badges for security purposes, ensure they wear Breakaway Lanyards - especially while working near machinery. Breakaway Lanyards have a security feature that will safely break apart when the lanyard is pulled at or caught in dangerous situations. Regular Lanyards must be pulled on over the head, while Breakaway Lanyards can conveniently be attached on by clipping or snapping together the back piece.

Breakaway Lanyards are available with Soft Braided Round Lanyards in three different color options and styles. Soft Braided Lanyards have a detachable buckle end with a barrel breakaway. Flat Poly Lanyards have a barrel breakaway and are available in three different colors and two styles to choose from. Stock Breakaway Lanyards are offered in packages of 10. Customized options are available for your convenience.