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Head/Footwear Dispensers

In clean environments, such as operating rooms and intensive care units or while handling food, wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory. PPE that goes over your footwear helps maintain a sanitary environment and eliminates tracked-in dirt and microbes. Bouffant or head covers minimize the risk of contaminated hair falling into places that need to be sterile.

Use Head/Footwear Dispensers to store and organize necessary PPE for all to use. Disposable Bouffant Dispenser w/Standard Label is made of clear plastic with a hinged lid and center opening for easy access. Bootie Dispenser w/ Standard Label conveniently stores and identifies disposable booties. Use Head/Footwear Dispensers as a free-standing or mountable solution to store readily available PPE for others. Customized options are available with your logo, company name, and specific colors.