No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Sign is a perfect way to warn people that smoking is not permitted in certain areas. For the protection of employees and businesses alike, smoking is not permitted in certain areas. Any areas in your workplace or facility that stores oxygen, gasoline, diesel, batteries, or chemicals can easily become explosive with one spark of a cigarette. To prevent smoking in specific areas, post No Smoking Signs on buildings, walls, doors, windows, or post. No smoking signs are ideal for restaurants, malls, schools, private businesses, parks and any other areas where second-hand smoke is not permitted.

No Smoking Signs shield your facility from the dangers associated with smoking. Remind others why they can't smoke with informative messages such as, Positively No Smoking, Stop Engine No Smoking, Oxygen in Use No Smoking, or No Smoking in This Area. Keep your visitors and employees safe and healthy from the vapors of cigarette smoke by posting No Smoking Signs.

The No Smoking regulations of various states differ in several ways. The most obvious is the extent to which each state regulates smoking in public places. Some allow smoking in certain outdoor areas, while others ban it completely. For example, Texas has a slight restriction on smoking while California has banned it completely in all public places, including casinos and bars. One should pay attention as this may come up when traveling to new towns or states.

  • The 1926.151(a)(3) OSHA Smoking regulation states that no smoking or open flame operations are allowed. "No Smoking or Open Flame" signs must be posted at operations that constitute a fire hazard.
  • A variety of no-smoking regulations exist in different states, with some states having more extensive restrictions than others.