Orange 4-Digit Panel: 2448 (Molten Sulfur)

Orange 4-Digit Panel: 2448 (Molten Sulfur)
6.3" x 15.7"
This material is protected by:

Mark vehicles and product containing molten sulfur to stay compliant with the DOT.

  • Properly mark molten sulfur in transit
  • Be sure to stay in compliance with the DOT
  • 4-digit UN identification number on an orange panel as per DOT specification
  • Panel measures 6.3-in. H (160 mm) x 15.7-in. W (400 mm)
  • 3.9-in. H (100 mm) black numbers inside a .6-in. W (15 mm) black border
  • Available 10 per package

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Product Description
DOT specifies the 4-digit UN identification number to be placed on an orange panel. These panels meet the criteria to be at least 6.3"H (160 mm) x 15.7"W (400 mm) with 3.9"H (100 mm) 4-digit black numbers inside a .6"W (15mm) black border. Stock signs are in specific UN chemical identification number.
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Selected Material Details
  • Pulp-free – no wood pulp or paper content – will not rip or break down in moisture
  • Pliable, polyolefin-based material, with 3/8" hole
  • Ideal for indoor use and short-term outdoor exposure
  • Scuff-resistant, matte surface is easy to write on
  • Can be printed on both sides, perforated, sequentially numbered, and barcoded
  • More Information