PF-Cardstock Tags

Tear-resistant and waterproof tags last longer than standard card stock tags.

P F- Cardstock Marquee

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PF-Cardstock is pulp-free; they do not contain wood pulp or paper like regular cardstock. They are pliable, yet will not rip or breakdown in moisture. PF-Cardstock tags do not tear readily when tugged on. These custom tags are ideal for indoor use and short-term outdoor exposure. The scuff-resistant and matte surface is easy to write on.

Key Features:

  • Pulp-free – no wood pulp or paper content – will not rip or break down in moisture
  • Pliable, 10-mil polyolefin-based material, with 3/8" hole
  • Ideal for indoor use and short-term outdoor exposure
  • Scuff-resistant, matte surface is easy to write on
  • Can be printed on both sides, perforated, sequentially numbered, and barcoded
Standard Color Blank Tags


Standard Color Blank Tags

Identify clearly and alert staff to cautions with durable safety tags that work effectively in extreme environments.




Lockout/Tag-Out Tags

Communication is a key component to lockout/tag-out procedures and safety.





8" x 8" tags have 3/8" reinforced metal grommet with secure nylon ties, and are available in card stock and vinyl plastic.


Material Choice Guide

AccuformNMC offers a wide variety of custom tag materials to suit every facility identification need.