April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Employers can put a stop to distracted driving and make the road safer for all

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Put a policy in place – it’s not just smart business, it’s safe business.

In the technology driven world we live in, it’s surprising that our cellphones can’t read our minds, talk to us, show us who is standing at our doorstep, start our car, or order a pepperoni pizza when they think we’re going to get hungry.

The truth is our cellphones can do most of the daily commands listed above – even distract us while we’re driving. And with new technology in vehicles, more people are distracted behind the wheel than ever before.

Every April, the National Safety Council hosts a Distracted Driving Awareness Month to call attention to the dangers of distracted driving.

About 1 out of every 4 motor vehicle crashes involves the use of a cellphone, per NSC. Using your phone while driving does more than just cause a visual and manual distraction – it causes a cognitive distraction, as well.

NSC has noted that thousands die every year from distracted driving. With the rate of vehicular accidents/deaths growing, it’s important to highlight the issue of distracted driving at your workplace, home, and community -- to encourage others to make safer choices while on the road.

When workers are distracted with cellphones, you’re actually putting your company at a financial risk, per NSC. Without a best practice cellphone policy, you expose your workers to unnecessary crash risks.

How can you help?

Many employers have realized the dangers of using cellphones (also a form of multi-tasking) while driving and are taking action by passing policies to prevent cellphone distraction. The National Safety Council recommends policies that prohibit both hands-free and handheld devices.

Placing signs in parking lots is a great way to remind those leaving your business to finish the call or text before leaving building, to park when you have to talk or text, and to not text while driving.

Per OSHA, "OSHA reminds employers that they have a responsibility to protect their workers by prohibiting texting while driving. It is a violation of the OSH Act for employers to require workers to text while driving, create incentives that encourage or condone it, or structure work so that texting while driving is a practical necessity for workers to carry out their job. For more information, please see OSHA’s Distracted Driving brochure”.

NSC has also developed a Cell Phone Policy Kit that will foster an effective implementation process for employees. The main objective is to provide your employees with ready-made communications for the variety of people you work with and get them on board to support the company cellphone ban policy.

This April, encourage them to take the pledge to be an attentive driver here.

Being completely focused on the road is so critical for safety of others, your employer – even your company. Get everyone involved in Distracted Driving Awareness Month and educate them on the importance of being fully focused on the road.

Here are some tools that could help you make this Distracted Driving Awareness Month a success:

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Give all your employees a sticker that they can place inside their vehicle - this will remind  them to only focus on driving - not to text or dial.

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Place signs in your parking lot to remind all those leaving your facility or workplace to keep their eyes on the road and not to text while driving.