Evacuation Map Holder Glows In The Dark

Vid Evacmapholder

The evacuation map will glow in the dark for up to 10 hours!

Learn to install your evacuation map holder properly in this easy step-by-step tutorial.

In case of emergency, your visitors and employees need to be able to safely exit your building quickly in all conditions.

Evacuation maps are an important way to direct visitors and employees to emergency exits available in your facility, but in the event of power loss, most maps become unusable. With this evacuation map holder, the Lumi-Glow™ glow in the dark backing, your building's blueprint will be visible in complete darkness and low-light conditions to assist with proper evacuation.

Installation Instructions:

1. Level the included template on the wall space where you want your sign holder and drill your holes.

Then remove the template and add the sign footer.

2. Insert the middle Lumi-Glow™ - glow in the dark backing, along with your building's blueprint and the front cover.

3. Add the sign header. Your new evacuation map holder is now ready to go.

4. Cut the tabs off of the footer and header for accessibility to the map in case changes have been made to the building.

If you need to make a change simply slide the entire middle portion out and replace the drawing.


Product Number: DTA235

Many varieties of evacuation map

This product comes in English, Spanish, and French language options, two size options, with glow and non-glow varieties.

Holders are constructed of .040" clear, durable polycarbonate face with standard (non-glow) or photoluminescent (glow) plastic back.

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Custom Evacuation Map Holders

Product Number: DTA555

Custom options are available.

If you have additional needs or have an extra special idea in mind, Accuform can help make that a reality with your own custom evacuation map holder.

We also offer Severe Weather Plan Holders for situations such as a hurricane, tornado, or other severe storm emergencies.

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