How to Benefit from a 5S Audit

5 S Audit, Benefits of a 5S Audit

Use this easy three-step process for checking the value of 5S in your workplace

After a while, employers and employees start to overlook critical factors in the workplace – such as organization, cleanliness, and safety. When you notice these things happening in your facility, it's the ideal time to conduct a 5S audit. With 5S audits, you can uncover concealed challenges before they develop into bigger issues– like a serious injury or wasted products.

Audits ultimately confirm the effectiveness of 5S in your workplace (read more about what the 5Ss mean here). Regularly conducting a 5S audit has obvious benefits, such as, creating a continuous improvement cycle, which keeps items organized and eliminates waste.

After you’ve conducted a 5S audit, track the days you’ve exceeded your audit score in a highly visual way with Digi-Day® 3 Electronic Scoreboards.

What kind of 5S audit schedule should I consider?

Although regular audits lead to the greatest results, you can assign specific people in your company to perform the inspection. Provide your team with 5S Accomplishment Report Labels so they can successfully conduct:

  • Weekly Audit: To be performed by teams reviewing their own areas and assessing a self-check of their work environment.
  • Monthly Audit: To be performed by the supervisor in charge.
  • Quarterly Audit: To be performed by the plant manager.

These questions will help you conduct a 5S audit in your workplace:

 1. Verify which issues have been resolved or still need remedies: Do areas still need to be labeled? Is the tool rack full or can it safely hold more items? Can you clearly recognize why items are in specific locations?

  2. Check if 5S principles are being applied throughout the department: Are tools in their correct location or are they left on near equipment or benches? Has the production floor been cleaned or is dirt piling up? Are signs and labels in recognizable condition?

 3. What still needs to be standardized? Should excessive supplies and material be stored in a safer location? Are the tools you need in the area you need them? Do you need to label the required weight limits on items?

5S audits are part of a lean culture and help ensure your company is following the 5S principles. When you track areas that need to be improved and identify unnecessary items for all to see with 5S Red Tag Tracking Center, you will start to see how the 5S audit was beneficial to your business.

Keep your workers devoted to 5S in your workplace by tracking their personal records with Personal Digi-Day ® Electronic Scoreboards.

When it comes to keeping up with 5S workplace organization, accomplish your goal with a wide range of products geared to help you!