Identify Manhole Entrances


Manhole Warning BarrierTM  helps satisfy OSHA's requirements, as a sign that informs all workers of the presence of a permit-required Confined Space. Labels don't stay adhered to heavy steel manhole lids and permanent signs are not easily installed whereas the Manhole Warning BarrierTM  is actually installed inside the manhole. It removes the "nobody told me" excuse and serves as a final deterrent to remind that the manhole is a Permit Required Confined Space and that entry is a serious, life-endangering act.


The Manhole Warning BarrierTM  fits right inside the manhole, making it visible only when the manhole cover lid is removed. For added safety, the barrier stops immediate entry by requiring the individual to physically remove the barrier.


The barrier  is molded from clear plastic, making it lightweight for easy handling & yet still durable enough to withstand harsh environments. The two large slots in the inner ring allow for water and debris to pass, as well as proper air circulation, to ensure the barrier does not trap hazardous gases or fumes. The outer ring is cut to fit the exact inside diameter of the manhole. Available from 21" to 42" in diameter.


Both the barrier legend and "NO STEP" labels are highly visible. Each is overlaminated vinyl, protecting them from chemicals, moisture, fading, cracking and peeling. The 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" octagonal legend has contrasting colors that are ANSI and OSHA specified. The "NO STEP" label warns that the device is not intended to be walked on.

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