Is Your Facility Ready for Severe Weather Season?

Severe Weather Products

Don't wait until an emergency occurs - be prepared and remain safe when the weather strikes!

Ensure a safe and successful evacuation with an effective plan!

To prepare for severe weather season, OSHA must require businesses to develop an emergency action plan (EAP). The plan should include details about safe places to take shelter, policies to ensure all personnel is accounted for, and procedures for addressing any on-site hazardous materials.

The violent impact of tornados and other forms of severe weather can leave one feeling helpless. That’s why the best time to create an emergency plan is now! 

Protect your workers with an effective emergency action plan and these severe weather safety awareness tips and products:
  • Build an emergency communication and evacuation plan — Pick a safe place to meet – such as an assembly point if your employees need to seek a safer location. During a tornado or severe weather emergency, employees should move to a predetermined shelter that is the safest place in your facility – and they need to be aware of this location.
  • Place signs to keep others safe – Post all assembly points, shelters, exits, and locations of evacuation maps with shelter signs that are visible from multiple directions so employees can quickly locate where to evacuate during an emergency.
  • Display evacuation maps or plans for all to see – Ensure everyone can clearly see the direction they need to go during a severe weather emergency with Evacuation Map Holders. Never compromise on your evacuation map's visibility – increase awareness with Lumi-GlowTM material – when the lights go out, your sign stays bright!
  • Clearly mark evacuated spaces - When all personnel has evacuated the room, mark it with an Emergency Door Knob Safety Tag that lets others know.
  • Store critical documents in a safe location — Keep all evacuation, assembly points, medical duties, and more in one common place for all to see.  With Emergency Notification Information Centers, others can find vital information in an easily accessible centralized location.

When an emergency occurs, it is essential for you to know what to do, not just at work but at home, as well. Read more about the importance of wayfinding in severe weather by visiting our White Paper.

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Evacuation- Severe- Weather B W

Ensure your workers can clearly identify where to safely evacuate to in an emergency with Evacuation Map Holders!

Bilingual Severe Weather Category Marquee

Eliminate the confusion of where the safest area is located in your facility - mark shelter rooms with signs.