STOPOUT® Padlocks are Tough and Affordable Lockout Solutions

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Prevent unauthorized access with a new line of locks only from Accuform

Accuform STOPOUT® Dielectric Padlocks

STOPOUT® Branded Padlocks

From Laminated Steel to Plastic and Anodized Aluminum, there’s a STOPOUT® padlock for virtually every situation. Offering unparalleled strength, a variety of sizes, and corrosion- and weather-resistance, these new locks are durable and affordable. As an added bonus, many of the new models are also environmentally friendly, as they’re made with large amounts of recycled content and feature FDA-approved lubricants.

Accuform’s STOPOUT® branded padlocks are a perfect solution for companies looking for tough, yet affordable, locks to keep their employees safe in lockout situations.

Beyond this robust new line of padlocks the STOPOUT® brand now includes more than 1,000 Lockout/Tagout products for business and industry.