Honor Workers Battling Breast Cancer During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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During the month of October, AccuformNMC will donate $1.00 for each sale of a special, new "Pink Safety" sticker sold. Support the fight - wear your Pink Safety sticker like a boss!

Sometimes there is suffering, determination, and incredible strength happening right next to us, but we don’t see it. Or, perhaps we see it, but we don’t know what to do or how to help.

Step one, acknowledge it, and show that you care.

The person who works next to you every day or that fellow commuter may be struggling more than you know. Breast cancer strikes one in every eight women. These are our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and our coworkers. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As we deal with our own problems, and 2020 has given us plenty, it a time to acknowledge the women who are fighting against this disease and show our support. 

The Numbers on Breast Cancer are Shocking

According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer and lung cancer are tied as the most prolific cancers globally, with 2.09 million cases each in 2018. In 2019 there were 3.09 million people in the United States alone living with a history of breast cancer. Another estimated 270,000+ will be diagnosed this year. 

That’s the bad news. The good news is that 84% of women struck by invasive breast cancer have a 10-year survival rate. While it’s a horrible disease, most victims win their battle and live vibrant, productive lives. 

Many women who have battled breast cancer, and some who are currently battling, still show up for work every day, even while they are undergoing cancer treatment. That means you may be working alongside someone who has gone through it or is tackling treatments right now. 

Why are they working? It could be as simple as they need the money. But, for many women, going to work each day brings a sense of normal back into their lives, and it can help them stay active and healthy as they battle the disease. It’s possible your employer doesn’t even know. Some women choose not to share their struggles with their coworkers or even their employer.

Show Your Support for Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and beyond), you can show your support for your coworkers, friends, and relatives who battle breast cancer with a Pink Safety hard hat sticker. This simple, pink sticker in the shape of a hard hat features the pink breast cancer ribbon as well as the words “Pink Safety,” and it’s perfect for putting on your hard hat, toolbox, or even briefcase to show your support for those affected by breast cancer. 

AccuformNMC will donate $1.00 for each sale of a special, new “Pink Safety” sticker during October.

Why a hard hat? Because, whether or not they work where hard hats are a part of their daily attire, breast cancer survivors are tough. They’re hard-working. They deserve our respect.

Sometimes just showing your support is enough to make someone’s day a little better. Our hard hats are off to you for those of you who are fighting or have fought against breast cancer.

Hard Hat Stickers: Pink Safety

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

AccuformNMC will donate $1.00 for each sale of a special, new “Pink Safety” sticker to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Read more in our Press Release