National Manufacturing Day 2019

Accuform Manufacturing World Headquarters

Today we proudly celebrate the power of American Manufacturing with students from Nature Coast Technical High School!

We open our doors to young students in our community and invite them to tour our facility

Manufacturing Day has been celebrated annually on the first Friday of October throughout the United States. Events show-off American ingenuity, the most popular facilities, and some of the most innovative products produced by American manufacturing companies. These events are attended primarily by high school students, but all are welcome, whether you’re a parent, teacher, local leader, or joe-average-citizen.

These companies, located in your community and mine, support nearly 18 million jobs, with an estimated 90% of all workers receiving medical benefits. The average annual salary is $77,000*, and these companies represent sectors, including 3-D printing, robotics, and advanced technology.

Long gone are the days of dirty factories and plants with under-skilled and under-represented employees. Today’s manufacturing environments include well-trained, high-productivity associates using ultra-modern equipment, in competition with the best of the best in the world. 

All that said, the “most pressing issue” American manufacturing faces is skilled labor. Four out of five companies are in desperate need for highly-trained and highly-skilled workers, many times needing to fill highly-technical positions. 

Manufacturing Day is a “grassroots” movement determined to change all that here on our own turf, and AccuformNMC is proud to be a part of the Manufacturing Day movement.

By presenting our facilities to the local community, and showing them just what it means to be the industry leader in facility identification in North America and beyond, we can help spread the word about what it truly means to be a technology innovator, and proudly display “Safely Made in USA” on all of our AccuformNMC solutions.

Happy Manufacturing Day 2019 from AccuformNMC!  #MFGDay19

Man Day

Students in our community had the opportunity to create one of our Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards and they loved it!

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Safety is always first at our manufacturing facility. This Manufacturing Day, students learned the importance of wearing safety glasses and working as a group to inspect the finished product.