Cold Weather Is Here

A source of many workplace injuries.

Cold weather season envelopes much of the country for up to six months each year. It’s important to warn and remind of the potential hazards that exist during the cold weather season. Slips and falls account for 300,000 serious injuries and 20,000 deaths a year, many due to snow and ice. This danger largely looms outdoors, but it also exists year-round in cold-storage, and various food-processing facilities. Click the learn more button below to download our cold weather safety white paper, or browse our most popular cold weather products below.

Download our cold weather safety white paper

Most Popular Cold Weather Products Below

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Icy Conditions Indicator Kit

Everything you will need to keep motorists and pedestrians aware of icy conditions and freezing temperatures.

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Icy Conditions  Mobile Kit

Warn of icy conditions and below freezing temperatures. Wheeled to add mobility so you can easily post this sign kit in specific areas.

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Quik Sign Fold-Ups®: Falling Ice

Prevent head injuries! Easy to set up self-standing fold-up will indicate the danger of ice falling from above.

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Falling Ice And Snow Fold-Ups®

Quickly set-up a warning for potential falling ice and snow to prevent possible injuries.Endures the harshest of environments.

Evac- Map- Holder

Evacuation Map Holders

Read emergency maps for quick evacuation in any light conditions thanks to our Lumi-Glow™ background.

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Quad-Warning Safety Cones

Brightly colored for high visibility, the message is printed on all four sides for heightened visibility.

PFR601 1200 x 741 marquee image for Cold PLP

Ice-Watch Your Step Fold-Ups®

Warn passersby of icy conditions, and prevent accidental slips trips and falls before they happen.


Freezing  Indicator Sign

See blue to indicate warning for the potential of icy conditions and ensure people use proper precaution.

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Icy Conditions When Blue

Indicates hazardous conditions, to be used in conjunction with Temperature Disk Sign.

MSTF525 1200x741 marquee image for PLP

Temperature Indicator Sign

Immediately warn of freezing conditions to prevent traffic accidents and slip & falls.

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Danger Falling Ice Sign

Post sign in areas where falling ice can create a potential hazard.

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Caution Falling Ice Sign

Informs people to be aware of the potential of falling ice in the area.

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Caution Icy Surface Sign

A great way to warn of an icy surface ahead and prevent accidents.

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Status Alert
Flip-Plac™ Signs

When conditions change, quickly flip to the appropriate message: Ice On Surfaces.

FRW694 1200x741 marquee image for PLP

Bridge Ices Before Road

Inform road-users that a bridge in the roadway ices over before the attached road does.

P F E419 G R

Slippery Hazard/ Icy Conditions

Double-sided Fold-Ups® sign warns passers-by of ice and potential for slipping and injury.

ANSI Warning Safety Sign: Look Out For Falling Ice

ANSI Warning: Look Out For Falling Ice

Warn pedestrians of falling ice hazards by using this sign and a step stake (sold separately)


Safety Posters: Are you Prepared For Cold Weather?

Display for employees so they are aware of how to prepare for cold weather