OSHA Signs

OSHA Signs are used to indicate and define specific hazards that, without identification, may lead to accidental injury to workers and/or the public or to property damage, per OSHA Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs 1910.145.

OSHA regulates the overall design of the safety sign. Signs must have rounded or blunt corners and cannot have sharp edges or projections, as sharp edges could be dangerous. Messages are in all uppercase lettering and centered underneath the OSHA header.

OSHA has specific guidelines as to the definition of what constitutes a Danger and Caution header sign. According to this regulation, "Caution signs shall be used only to warn against potential hazards or to caution against unsafe practices". In regards to Danger header signs, OSHA indicates, "There shall be no variation in the type of design of signs posted to warn of specific dangers and radiation hazards".

OSHA standardized signs are widely used and enforced throughout the industry to keep others safe!