4 Ways to Customize Safety Tags to Make Them More Effective

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Safety tags are a must in every workplace. Invest in the safety of employees, visitors, and customers with customized tags today!

Safety tags, including inspection tags, lockout/Tagout (LOTO) tags, elevator tags, site tags, and equipment tags, can go a long way in creating a safe working environment. They quickly and clearly communicate your safety message at the exact moment your employees need to hear it.  

OSHA estimates that 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries are prevented each year by compliance with LOTO standards, which is why it's essential to invest in useful LOTO tags. 

With our Personalize It! customization services, you can customize every component of a safety tag or build one from scratch. Use bright colors, humorous text, icons, and even pictures to catch your team's attention, or design branded tags specific to your workforce and equipment. By going through the effort to create custom tags, you're showing your team that you take safety—their safety—seriously. 

Though we offer limitless customization options, here are four ways you can customize your tags to make them more effective. 

1. Create employee-specific tags  

Through Personalize It! design services, you can create custom safety tags for each employee with their name, photo, and job title printed directly on the tag. When on the Jobsite, you'll be able to see precisely who locked out the equipment, who is inspecting the elevator, or who built the scaffolding. Personalized LOTO tags further reinforce safety messages for your employees on the floor because they'll see a colleague's face alongside the safety message. And these tags help floor managers streamline processes because they'll know exactly who to go to with an equipment question.  

2. Choose the right material for your work environment 

Your safety message won't do you any good if employees can't read it because the tag is cracked or the text is faded. It's essential to choose a material that's as tough as your working conditions. Do you frequently wash down equipment? Choose a fabric that won't wrinkle when wet. Is your equipment outside? Make sure your tags won't fade after a long day in the sun. Is your equipment often covered in debris and dust? Your tags will be, too, so be sure to choose a material that can be easily wiped down. Find the material that's right for your work environment or let the Personalize It! experts handle that for you. 

3. Design branded tags 

To create a safety culture, print your tags in your brand colors, or add a logo to each tag. Branded safety tags make a cohesive message throughout your workspace and show that you care about employee safety. When leadership is invested in a security, the rest of your team will follow suit. And when your employees feel safe, they'll be more productive. Plus, when your brand is next to OSHA warnings and regulations, it becomes synonymous with safety.  

4. Include company-specific instructions  

Much like adding your company logo or using company colors, you have the option to include company-specific messaging to make your labels even more useful. Include instructions related to your equipment, facility, or safety policies to ensure your tags address the specific hazards your employees face. Just be sure to keep the text as concise as possible to encourage employees to stop and read it. 

As your supplier of choice, AccuformNMC has adopted a "Yes, we can" attitude regarding customization. We will customize your tags in whatever way you need so your employees remain safe. With our Personalize It! customization services, there are no minimum quantities, no set-up fees, and unlimited design options—and most custom orders ship within 72 hours, so you're never left waiting for the safety tags you need.  

Your office signs might not encounter any harsh conditions—other than criticism if they’re dated—but you should still be smart about choosing the right material. Protect your budget by opting for a long-lasting material that doesn’t have the bells and whistles of more durable material. Dura-Shield™, plastic, and vinyl are perfect for office walls.  

The best materials for warehouses 

Warehouses contain a lot of equipment that’s constantly moving, so your signs need to withstand chips, scratches, abrasions, and cracking should it get knocked by a forklift. For that, you’ll need a tough, impact-resistant material like Diamond Plate Aluminum, Dura-Plastic™, or Aluminum.  

For a more in-depth look at available materials, download our tag solutions brochure to customize and tag. If you’re trying to order a specific safety tag but the material you want isn’t available online, place a customized quote by contacting to get the sign that meets your exact needs. 

AccuformNMC is a leader in sign customization. With our Personalize It! customization services, you can build a sign from scratch or personalize any of our existing symptoms in any way you want. There are no minimum quantities for custom orders, no set-up fees, and unlimited design options. And most can be shipped within 72 hours, so you can get the signs you need when you need them. 

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