HS-Laminate Tags

Custom tags designed to withstand tough and abusive conditions.

H S- Laminate Marquee

HS-Laminate is a composite of all poly materials pressure sealed on both sides with no edge seams. The matte surface is scratch resistant, yet easy to write on. Waterproof tags are ideal for extreme weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • 10-mil PF Cardstock with 7-mil matte laminate on both sides (24-mil total)
  • Matte surface is scratch-resistant, yet easy to write on
  • Waterproof tags are ideal for extreme weather conditions
  • Tear-proof, weather-proof, chemical-resistant material withstands dirty and greasy environments
  • 3/8" hole reinforced with metal grommet to prevent pull-off


Blank Tags

Identify clearly and alert staff to cautions with durable safety tags that work effectively in extreme environments.


T R S218


Fire Inspection Tag

Fire Extinguisher tags identify the location and sometimes the type of fire extinguisher to aid with deployment in case of emergency.


T S S1021


Scaffold Status

Scaffold Ladder tags warn people about the inherent dangers that exist in working on or around scaffolding and ladders.


Material Choice Guide

AccuformNMC offers a wide variety of custom tag materials to suit every facility identification need.