National Safety Month 2019 - Are You All In?

Safety is more than a word - it's a way of life. Show your commitment to safety by participating in the National Safety Councils Safety Month this June!

National Safety Month, It's National Safety Month Are You All in?

The mission is safety and YOU can make a lasting difference!

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) statistics, a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. What's worse? Emergency situations can happen at any time - not just in the workplace. This June, the National Safety Council (NSC) would like all businesses to do their part to ensure No One Get's Hurt. They’ve declared the entire month of June as National Safety Month.

Safety is priceless. Are you all in?

You can make a difference by raising awareness about important safety issues, motivating your workplace, and shining a light on common injuries that could be avoided. Join the National Safety Month movement and work together to put a stop to workplace injuries and deaths - so more of your workers can go home safely to their families.

What does National Safety Month do to increase safety?

The National Safety Month will kick off their awareness campaign with the topic titled, Hazard Recognition Each week thereafter, National Safety Month will provide resources highlighting specific safety topics. Take the Safety Pledge and display your certificate for all to see.

The different safety topics include information and resources about reducing the leading causes of injury and deaths, whether at work, on the road, or in homes and communities:

  • Week 1: Hazard Recognition - Potential hazards are at virtually every corner. Stand your ground and be intentional about potential risks. Before an issue turns into something more serious, train yourself to spot hazards.  
  • Week 2: Slips, Trips, and Falls - Whether at home or on the job, reporting hazards that could cause slips, trips, and falls it critical. When you see a risk with a simple fix, don't hesitate to fix it - it's just that simple. If you see something, say something. Clean up spills immediately.
  • Week 3: Fatigue - Most people don't get the recommended amount of sleep every night. If that's you, learn how to fight fatigue with A.C.E.S here
  • Week 4: Impairment - There are a few different levels of impairment but the one thing they all have in common is the inability to make safe choices. And now with the legalization of cannabis, a new level of impairment raised safety concerns in the workplace. Learn more here

OSHA and NSC stress the importance of measuring your safety progress and engaging employees by creating a safety culture. Learn more about a successful safety-themed culture here.

Follow this link for more information on the National Safety Month.

Remember, awareness is the key to prevention! Talking about safety issues is a critical component to preventing injuries and unintentional deaths from occurring in the workplace and at home. Make it a goal to think of at least one motivate change and improve safety!

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