Parking Permits & More!

Parking Permits

Control access within your parking lot with hanging parking permit tags from Accuform.

At a glance, quickly identify and know a vehicle belongs in a secure area with hanging permit tags. Hang permit tags from the rear view mirror of vehicles. Visible color marked tags help ensure quick and easy recognition for proper identification and monitoring — verification at a checkpoint or among parked vehicles. The color options are ideal for color coding. Printed with fade-resistant inks on one-side, the 15-mil tags are tear-resistant polyolefin-based PF-Card plastic. They will not warp, curl, bubble, or melt in the direct sun and heat that may build up in a closed parked car — nor become brittle in the extreme cold. Hanging Tags are available in standard vertical style and horizontal style to hang short without blocking the driver's view through the windshield — eliminating the need for removal.

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Hanging parking permit tags are available with bold black 1/4" or 3/4" h sequential numbers (as noted) in series packages of 100.

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