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A New Year Means Changes in Labor Law Posters for 2017

Every year states make updates on things such as minimum wage, unemployment compensation, insurance and much more. The changes can sometimes be hard to track, but AccuformNMC works hard to stay in-front of any labor law changes.

Over the last few months, the following changes have been made to various state-specific labor law posters.

Massachusetts - Fair Employment - The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) has added gender identity as a protected category for employment. The revised posting also includes changes in wording in several sections, including those addressing maternity leave, criminal history inquiries, and retaliation (as of 9-9-2013).

North Carolina - Unemployment Insurance - The Certificate of Coverage and Notice to Workers as to Benefit Rights has been publicly released and added to the North Carolina Labor Law poster (as of 9-10-2013).

North Dakota - Minimum Wage - Changes made to the tip credit, deductions from pay, and exemptions from overtime sections of the "ND Minimum Wage & Work Conditions Summary" posting. A section on Limitations on Paid Time Off has been added. The state's minimum wage has not changed and remains $7.25 per hour. The changes are effective 08/01/2013; (the posting was released 08-28-2013).

Pennsylvania - Unemployment Compensation - The form was redesigned to inform employees of the requirement to report gross wages, if any, during the week unemployment compensation benefits were claimed. It also addresses unreported work, earnings, and pensions. A blank space for employers to fill in their Employer Account Number has been added. A line telling applicants that a driver's license number, if available, is needed when filing benefits have been removed (as of 6-26-2013).

Texas - Employers Notice of Ombudsman Program to Employees - mandatory for subscribers with Workers' Comp. Insurance - The Office of Injured Employee Counsel has amended §276.5, the statutes concerning the employer's notice requirement under the Ombudsman Program. The effective date of the amended Employer Notification of Ombudsman Program to Employees is 09/01/13. The notice explains an ombudsman's role and what the ombudsman can do for workers. The mandatory change only impacts subscribers with Workers' Compensation Insurance (as of 9-3-2013).

Additional New Year changes are being made on state-specific posters for:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Vermont

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