UL924 Compliant Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs

Exit Signs

Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs are the next generation in exit sign technology.

Recent advancements in glow materials have prompted UL to address testing to the UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment for photoluminescent Exit Signs. Glo Brite® Exit Signs are listed to UL 924 through ETL.

Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs are non-toxic and non-radioactive. The signs are designed to glow in total darkness after exposure to normal ambient fluorescent light. Photoluminescent materials absorb and store energy from normal ambient light; it then releases this energy in the event of an emergency.

The main advantages of Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs are that there are no internal lights to burn out, making it 100% reliable and virtually maintenance free. Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs are non-electric, consuming no electricity, making installation easy and low cost. By being explosion proof Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs  can be used in sensitive areas requiring explosion proof exit signs.

Ultra-GlowTM Exit Signs come in three different color combinations. For more information contact AccuformNMC.