Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Plastic

Indoor/outdoor application with 24+ hour rating.

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Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Plastic is a long-lasting, glow-in-the dark, semi-rigid custom sign material available from AccuformNMC. Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Plastic charges rapidly under any light source. Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Plastic exceeds the safety standards, features, and benefits of safety grade photo-luminescent markings. Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Plastic features the same benefits as Lumi-GlowTM Plus+ Flex while offering the semi-rigidity of plastic.

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Key Features:

  • Printed on 10-mil Photo-luminescent film permanently bonded to .060" Poly-carbonate plastic
  • Semi-rigid and impact-resistant plastic with a UV protective coating
  • Poly-carbonate service temperature range: -50° to 190°F
  • Rounded corners and 3/16" mounting holes on most sizes, will be adjusted for larger sizes



Alerts anyone on job site to area where there is emergency shut-off access.

  • Post in workplace to show emergency shut-off access
  • Available in Lumi-Glow Flex™ for easy self-stick application
  • Glow material helps improve safety during power loss



Bilingual sign is available in both Lumi-Glow™ and Lumi-Glow™ PLUS, and in two sizes.

  • Lumi-Glow™ material improves safety in low-light conditions
  • Signs improve safety during power loss or other emergencies
  • Bilingual signs help protect all your workers
  • Glow material helps improve safety during power loss



Warn anyone on job site that exit is only for use in emergency and is equipped with alarm.

  • Post over doorways to emergency exits
  • Large red font on glow-in-the-dark background
  • Glow material helps improve safety during power loss

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Choosing the right custom sign material is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. To provide a solution for your exact needs, we offer a comprehensive selection of custom sign materials to meet virtually every application and environmental demand. 

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