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Max Corrugated Plastic

A temporary yet resilient custom sign solution for indoor/outdoor use.

Max- Corr Marquee

Max Corrugated Plastic is an ideal temporary sign material for indoor and short-term outdoor use. Tougher than corrugated fiberboard and lighter than solid plastic, this extruded hollow plastic sheet is 1/2" thick with closely spaced ribs. The combination of air and ribs within creates the material's strength, yet lightweight for ease of handling.




Measuring 30" tall, the message is unmistakable and view-able from multiple angles. Easily transportable, the floor sign is made of two flat interlocking pieces of light-duty plastic. When not in use, the two pieces can be separated and stored flat. Versatile design can be ceiling mounted for long-term or permanent use.


Key Features:

  •  Waterproof and Washable
  •  Stain resistant
  •  Resists oils and solvents
  •  Great for temporary and economical        applications
  •  Service temperature range: 0° to 140°F
  •  Mounting holes available on request (Please specify locations)

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Choosing the right custom sign material is one of the most important decisions
you will need to make. To provide a solution for your exact needs, we offer a
comprehensive selection of custom sign materials to meet virtually every application
and environmental demand. 


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