Commonly referred to as PVC or Expanded PVC, this material's uniformly fine, tiny closed-cell structure combines for good strength and durability.

Plastic-lite Marquee

Commonly referred to as PVC or Expanded PVC, Plastic-Lite is 1/8" thick. The uniformly fine, tiny closed-cell structure combines for good strength, durability. The material is also lightweight for portability when compared to solid PVC, acrylic, or polycarbonate sheets — approximately half the weight of equivalent thicknesses. It is non-corrosive, easily cleanable, resistant to chemicals, and has low flammability index.

Key Features:

  • .125" thick material with UV protective coating
  • Image printed on smooth, solid, matte surface
  • Low-density material with good strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resistant to chemicals and corrosive conditions
  • Service temperature range: 0° to 160°F
  • Rounded corners and 1/4" mounting corner holes
  • Ideal for hanging signs
  • May be printed on both sides


Hazard Symbols

Hazard identification symbols to fighting fires involving Ammunitions and Explosives as specified in Department of Defense Ammunitions and Explosives Safety Standards - DoD 6055.9-STD, Chapter 8.




Fire Divisions

Have your facility and workplace be compliant with national and global agencies to inform and protect your workforce.


M P G610


Chemical Agents

The above symbol is used to identify G-Type Nerve agents. As indicated by the military and the Department of Defense


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